Erik Lidbom


Country: Sweden

Base: Uppsala, Sweden

Software: Logic

Genre/Style : Anything that sounds beautiful.

Publisher: Hitfire Production



Erik Lidbom


As a young boy, Erik was obsessed with music and rhythms. He learned how to play drums, piano and guitar, which led to him today being able to contract various instruments and compose and produce music.


Due to his musical skills and great talent, he is today a highly requested collaborator for many other writers, producers and artists all around the world.


Erik Lidbom’s main focus is, and has always been, Japanese pop music – more known as J-pop. He has up until today sold more than 20 million units and scored around 40 #1’s on the sales charts with Arashi, BoA, KAT-TUN, Exile, Namie Amuro, Kumi Koda among others. In addition he has also nailed a number of international chart toppers, including one Billboard #1 and a couple of #1’s on the Global World Sales Chart.


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