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RoastingHouse Music

We’re a small independent company yet big in the international music market and we are based in southern part of Sweden in the city of Malmo. Our publishing division which controls most of our artist rosters songwriters and also the home of international top writers like Anderz & Elin Wrethov, Mans Ek, Alexander Holmgren, Andreas Johansson, Anders Grahn, Johan Deltinger, Peo Dahl, Mickey Huskic, Ami Aly, Maciel Numhauser, Robin Abrahamsson, Salle Sahlin etc who have several cuts on various successful albums worldwide. Our songwriters songs have in recent years been featured on the best selling singles and albums in Japan with artists like ARASHI, KAT TUN, EXILE etc. RHM also arranges co-write camps on a regular basis with writers from various parts of the world.
RoastingHouse Studios
In 1987 we built Sweden’s biggest state-of-the-art recording studio and to this date we’ve recorded and produced well over 150 albums with various artist and genres. In 2009 we expanded with 8 more studios hosting our in-house writers due to our successes and frequently ongoing co-write camps. RoastingHouse Records ? we launched our own label in 2005 with the direction of Pop/rock bands, marketed and distributed by ZYX Music in G/A/S. In 2006 we had our first releases in Scandinavia and are now distributed by Universal Music and have to this date had 2 Top-10 position and five top-30 positions in the Swedish single charts. In October -07 we also have our first own releases in Japan through our label partners Dreamusic, distributed by King Records. At that point we also signed pop/dance acts and gained immediate success with our artist Carlito, who became the biggest international artist 2007 in Japan. We will also have our first releases in China and Taiwan through our label partner A-Peer in 2009. RoastingHouse Productions ? for over 20 years we have always been known for the quality of our productions and artists from metal and rock to commercial pop. Don’t hesitate to contact us for possible projects.

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