2018.01.31 Release


01. Electric Kiss

Written by  Junji Ishiwatari

Composed by Obi Mhondera, Kyler Niko, Evan Beard


02. Coming Over

Written by Amon Hayashi

Composed by Andreas Oberg, Sean Alexander, Darren Smith, Drew Ryan Scott


05. Tactix

Written by Kami Kaoru

Composed by Hanif Sabzevari, Daniel Kim


06. Into My World

Written by Sara Sakurai

Composed by Daniel Kim, Joonathan Kettunen


08. Drop That

Written by Hidenori Tanaka
Composed by Shaun, Jae Shim, Andreas Oberg, Maria Marcus


09. Run This

Written by Amon Hayashi

Composed by Mark Thompson, David Anthony


Our placement have been included on this release.

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